Paperclip Extension for Phoneside One

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🚨Note: This product is an extension designed to be used in combination with a Phoneside One To ensure its operation. Please note that this product does not include Phoneside One. 🚨


The Paperclip offers a convenient way to turn it into a useful copy rack. It allows you to keep your notes within sight on your computer screen without jiggating your workspace.

The Paperclip is designed to meet the needs of students, professionals and anyone who wants to keep their important grades visible while working on their computers. Imagine the ease of viewing your reminders, to-do lists and essential information, without having to switch between your screen and your desktop.

You can also easily adjust its height for optimal viewing tailored to your personal comfort.


The Paperclip is designed to fit any screen and any flat surface up to 2 cm thick. It can accommodate up to 3 sheets of paper, providing maximum flexibility to maintain and display various documents, whether large or small, right or left depending on your needs.

Although the Paperclip offers a fixed, reflective angle of view, this feature is an integral part of its everyday practicality and effectiveness.