We believe that innovation must be at the service of performance. That creativity and ingenuity can move mountains.


Today, we want to continue to unleash the creativity of our customers to enable them to perform ever better at work.

We want to offer them time, autonomy and fulfillment by helping them focus on their priorities. To separate the essential from the superfluous, without being drowned in a flood of information and solicitations.

Our mission

Simplifying the daily lives of all those who are connected and mobile. Who want to have the right tool, at the right time, to multiply their productivity. Who would like technology 2.0 to finally be at their service... not the other way around.

Convinced that we are entering the era of #MobileFirst, we are constantly looking for solutions to problems that seem intractable. Always with the ambition to combine practicality and simplicity.

Our values


We refuse to compromise. Our products are beautiful, innovative, efficient, useful, strong, small, lightweight, qualitative and easy to carry anywhere. Unique too: we only sell concepts that we have developed ourselves. Our accessories are not found anywhere else!


Far from grand speeches, we favor the concrete to generate a positive social and environmental impact:

  • Manufacturing largely local and Ile-de-France, since it is now carried out in our partner factory in Périgny (94).
  • Our products are made from recycled materials (as of June 2023).
  • The pieces are assembled meticulously and lovingly by the AFPA of Villepinte, an Establishment and Service of Assistance through Work (ESAT).
  • The marking of BtoB commands Is produced in Lisbon (91), in our partner marking workshop.


We believe in what we do.

We are therefore committed to the transparency of our manufacturing, as well as to the satisfaction of our customers: it is for this reason that everyone benefits from a satisfied or refunded service.

No limit

Phoneside is much more than a brand of innovative accessories. We want to be ambassadors of a tech movement that is helping to transform the world of tomorrow. That's why we are expanding our product range and planning to expand in Europe and then worldwide.

We started the Phoneside adventure with accessories. Who knows if tomorrow we won't make our own smartphone models? There are no limits to creativity!