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Phoneside carries strong values. They are human, societal and environmental. To create is also to represent: Phoneside thus represents our vision of the world.
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Eco-responsible design

At Phoneside, we design in an eco-responsible way. Two years ago, we were making products with biodegradable materials with our 3D printers. Today we use recycled plastic for our flagship product, the Phoneside One .

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Authenticity and Made in France

We highlight our commitment to French production, although not all of our products are entirely made in France. We favor the assembly, boxing and design of our products on French territory.

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Work for all, without exception

Giving everyone the opportunity to work is paramount. Phoneside thus offers anyone to participate in the manufacture of products to facilitate their professional (re)integration. In particular, we have our parts assembled by the ESAT of Villepinte, an Establishment and Service of Assistance through Work.

Everything is transformed, nothing is lost!

Phoneside ensures its customers an eco-responsible consumption, from the purchase to the recycling of the product. As soon as a product is too worn, it can be recycled for reuse. To find out how to return our products to us and find out the steps, click on the button below.

Any return of used product is worth a Phoneside voucher!

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