The Story

Passionate about computers and new technologies. Mehdi Maizate studied computer science to become a developer. When he started in this profession, he realised that it wasn't practical to have the telephone on the desk next to his work tool, the computer.

So in 2017 he decided to meet his own need. A pencil, several sheets of paper, and he invented his first prototype of a computer phone holder using a 3D printer... PHONESIDE was born! His colleagues, surprised and interested by the concept, gave him a piece of their minds... "I need to do it!".

Mehdi surrounded himself with a team and the company was launched! We invested in 7 3D printers to produce the first series of the Phoneside, a very useful and practical smartphone holder for computers in times of teleworking when video-conferencing is increasingly common. A very promising concept that we are customising and offering to companies as a promotional item.

We were passionate about 3D printing, which enabled us to bring our concept to life and continually improve it thanks to the feedback we received from our customers! However, it's still far too slow a technology for our numerous requests... We had to move on quickly to the next stage: industrialisation!

Phoneside V2 is ready! A new version that will no longer be printed in 3D but industrialised in plastic injection! A mould had to be made, and it would cost several tens of thousands of euros to do it. It was hard to find that kind of money when we were just starting out... So we decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign...

Our crowdfunding campaign has been a great success, raising the sum of 35,000 euros on KICKSTARTER. We received our full funding in less than a week! Our sincere thanks for the support of our 655 contributors ❤️.

A few months later, we're delighted to see the repercussions of our efforts and patience! A silver medallist at the famous Lépine competition, it is referenced in all the Fnac stores in France, and many major companies such as Facebook, Engie and Société Générale have signed up to the Phoneside movement as personalised business gifts in the image of their brand!

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